The Osso­li­neum is one of the lar­gest scien­ti­fic libra­ries in Poland, second to none as far as the col­lec­tions in the field of the huma­ni­ties are con­cer­ned. The acqu­isi­tions pro­file has been defi­ned as huma­ni­stic with spe­cial stress being laid on Polish and Sla­vo­nic history, cul­ture and lite­ra­ture. In this respect, the Osso­li­neum col­lec­tions are uni­que not only in Poland but also worldwide.

The Osso­li­neum is a pre­sence library and the items col­lec­ted are ava­ila­ble on-site only in eight reading rooms.

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